Completion at the house in South Oxfordshire

The following site photos were taken at or since handover earlier in July.  The house is complete, (albeit awaiting a few replacement aluminium trims) although the garage outbuilding has been postponed for the time being and thus the oil tank is not in its permanent resting position (tucked away).

Now that the new hard landscaping is complete around the house the house feels even more connected to the site and seems to have grown up with the existing gardens rather then have been constructed over the last year in the existing gardens.

The relationship of the views in the house to the landscape have worked very well: the view from the entrance doors through the stair window onto the mature cherry tree in the garden; from the kitchen islands across the dining space, through the glazed corner and over the terrace again to the mature cherry and the gardens stretching on beyond; back through the family room, through the open double doors and one of the front hallway windows all aligned to give a connectivity from rear terrace to front driveway; or from the second floor studio looking along through the driveway gate across the lane and on to the woodland beyond. These views and the relationship the internal spaces make with the landscape have been realised even better than intended.

Internally the house has vistas too, for example from the gallery down to the front door, or from the main living room along the hallway through the double doors and focussed on the new wood-burning stove beyond.  These small matters of alignment help in creating that something extra about the spaces, their relationship with one another and the flow or space and light around the home.

Hopefully soon, once the family have bedded into their new home, and the sun grants a good day, there will be suitable opportunities to take some worthy photos and demonstrate these connections of space and site.